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serious storms moved through tonight but there is more worried tomorrow. >> i don't want to have to go through it again. >> an intern stabbed for no
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reason. >> there was no noise, i just heard a woman screaming. >> countdown to a big shopping discount. where the big sales starred in just over 24 hours. captioned by the national captioning institute we moved past one threat of storms, but we begin with a greater threat that may be on the way. bob ryan is live with what we can expect. >> ed has been a wild night for folks in loudoun county. you can see that line. when we get these features you can see that -- that came in with strong winds and fell apart as it moved into the washington area. there is another batch around indianapolis moving into ohio.
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later tonight we could still see some. look at the doppler and what is left of that line. there is another batch are around fredericksburg. because of the heat, we will see it all over again tomorrow. we are under a heat advisory tomorrow and will feel close to 100 degrees. the risk once again of seeing more widespread severe weather tomorrow. tonight storms and the major storms last week have concerned -- people concerned about the power in montgomery county. a lot of people on edge. >> that is so treated. -- so true. take a look behind me in rockville. there is a tree that tumbled over.
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it has not been cleared yet, so the thought of another storm has people concerned. as winds picked up in rockville, this man grew increasingly concerned. >> i cannot deal with that. >> he and his family spent four days without power in the sweltering heat after the last big storm. >> it was a welcome relief when at midnight on wednesday night when the power came on. >> this neighborhood was one of the worst affected. >> we were out for 36 hours. our neighbor was only out for six hours. >> the problem was trees that tumbled onto power lines. this sets as a reminder of the stormy surprise.
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>> we are ready for a respite. >> this woman is moving into the neighborhood and hoping the worst of the weather will pass quickly. >> the moving trucks will be here saturday. >> neighbors say it has been a wild ride and they are gearing up for more bombs in the road. >> -- bumps in the roadd. >> luckily these winds blew through without any additional damage. neighbors tell me they have candles and generators ready. that is the latest in rockville. a second good samaritan is speaking out about an attack on an npr in turn. the woman was stabbed this morning near chinatown.
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john gonzales has the details. >> we want to warn of yours at home we are about to show a video of how grissom this crime was. it happened on the corner -- how gruesome this crime was. we spoke with two heroes. >> police are trying to figure out what's melodie brevard was thinking when she walked up to annie ropeick during morning rush hour and stabbed her. >> this man came up and pulled her purse. she slammed him in the face. >> it is as if she was in a trance. she was just staring at me. >> she was among several good samaritans who came to her rescue.
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>> i just grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground. >> he has scratches on his neck and cuts on his hand. >> i was not thinking of my safety but making sure this individual did not get away. >> police believe it was a random attack. when they arrived, the student was lying in a pool of blood. >> who does that in broad daylight? >> two years ago she graduated from montgomery blair high school. residents are stunned. >> particularly because this is so random. the men said they had to sit on the suspect while they waited for police. melodie brevard has been charged with assault with the intent to kill.
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she has previous charges of assault including striking a police officer. the victim is expected to survive. a howard county neighborhood is getting back to normal after fire marshals were forced to remove sticks of dynamite. after workers arrived a spokesman says the dynamite was found in a shed. it may have belonged to a relative of the homeowner. all is back to normal at the israeli embassy after a suspicious package was found. secret service officials said an envelope was found in the mail room. the fbi is analyzing the envelope. coming up, millions are about to get a big shopping discount. we will tell you where it is
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happening. the gay marriage and in california is overturned. a prediction made by both sides.
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rudy giuliani's daughter was arrested in new york city. she is accused of stealing make up. she faces a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny. she lives with her mother. a conservative advocacy group founded by pat robertson is suing to block a planned islamic mosque near ground zero. the new york city lawmakers are confident the panel followed
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appropriate procedures. no comment from a spokesman. we are monitoring developments in california as a judge overruled the referendum to from reinstate same-sex marriage rights. many claim proposition 8 was unconstitutional, but the battle is far from over. >> this is a victory for the american people. >> we are ready to respond and to defend the votes of 7 million californians that voted to sustain the proposition 8. >> it was before today's ruling that both sides said they would appeal. sarah palin is endorsing a largely unknown candidate in maryland's race for governor. she is throwing her support behind brian murphy.
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she praised him for being a common-sense conservative. he is running against bob ehrlich. the winner will face off against martin o'malley in november. millions are about to get a big shopping this data. why he will have to act fast to get it. a local police chase caught on camera. >> i hear guns out there. >> we are hearing more from the massacre in connecticut. what else the gunmen told police. the white house tries to keep victory in the gulf.
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this is abc 7 news at 11:00. there is a clean up controversially as there is progress in the gulf. nearly three-quarters of the oil
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has been recovered, but not everyone is celebrating. there is a lot more work to be done. >> workers have permanently plucked the rig, while a second effort is underway to steal it from below. >> the long battle to contain the oil is close to coming to an end. we are pleased with that. >> it was the news people have been praying for. >> it is relief we know it was finally accomplished after all this time. >> the new government report says 75% had been dispersed or captured. much of the rest poses little additional risk of harm. >> just because you cannot see the oil doesn't mean there has
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not been damaged. >> many are concerned about the heavy use of dispersants. the senator says there is little to back up the claim. >> most people thought it was the lesser of two evils. we need to assess how much damage was done. >> the senator reiterated this push to extend the moratorium on deepwater drilling. the white house says president obama will be willing to lift the moratorium if new safety standards are met. we are hearing 911 calls from the deadly shooting at a beer distribution company. many had already been wounded. >> he is running at -- running away. >> how many people are down?
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>> he's still running after people. >> omar thorton was forced to resign after officials caught him stealing beer. he killed eight co-workers and wounded two others. a wild and to a police chase is caught on tape. he chased three teenagers in a car. they'd driver it throws the car into reverse. three suspects were arrested and one suffered a minor injury. >> virginia's back-to-school shopping weekend get started this friday. clothing costing $100 or less is exempt.
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a vacation last until sunday. i know shopping malls have been a refuge. >> when we get days like today with the stifling humidity, those clusters -- here is how they looked. when they came through western suburbs -- it was not a whole lot of grain, but morris scattered power outages. our high temperature was into the night the's. 22 was all we had last summer. this is our 45th today. look at some of the wind gusts. they are 41 miles an hour. over 1 inch of rain that split right around us.
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folks in potomac with a half- inch of rain. once again we are seeing clusters of showers. everything in the a.d.'s and 90's. .- in the 80's the heat index in memphis is 100. parts of the mid part of the country, the dew points into the 70's. it has been an excessive heat warning for parts of the deep south. here is how our summer has stacked up. 82 degrees was our average june and july temperature. we have never had one that hot.
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tomorrow we will these same areas of showers developed as we go through the afternoon. some of those will be severe. as we get into friday you will notice a real decrease of humidity. it will start out in the low 80's and reach the mid 90's. some of those storms we will keep you posted. they could be strong tomorrow afternoon and evening, but i have not changed my mind about the weekend. >> that is what matters. we will be listening. coming up, we are familiar with the [unintelligible] why some racing sausages are headed on a baseball
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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some unusual passengers took a train to chicago, the racing sausages. they boarded an amtrak train to support a puris -- to support the brewers. they lost to the cubs 15-3. i have a soft spot in my heart for those sausages. >> the nationals are looking for a new springtime home. the nfl weighs in on the dilemm.
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the big name in football stopped by redskins campaign and he weighed in on albert haynesworth. he did not practice with the team. he cannot play contact until he passes a mandatory fit this test. robert adel has passed the test.
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he stopped by redskins camp today. he shares his thoughts on the collective bargaining agreement. >> i had a chance to talk to him briefly and he understands he has to get out on the field. he has to make sure he is performing. i hope he can do that. >> a enough about albert haynesworth, there is another football player who cannot stay out of the limelight. brett favre denied reports he would not come back for a second season. he said he would play if his ankle heals. he notified the vikings of a date when he will make a decision. >> [inaudible] if i am healthy, sure. >> how much longer are you
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willing to play? >> that is up for discussion. >> does it have anything to do with money? >> no. >> the president of the national has communicated with leaders about relocating the team's spring training facility, but there are looking to win their series in arizona. ian kennedy serves a passed ball who crushes it to deep right. he leads the national league with home runs. the white sox are kicking them selves tonight. go closer to home, camden yards, the oils feeling -- fielding a comfortable lead. -- orioles fielding a comfortable lead. the orioles beat the angels 9-7. let's go to baseball in the
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bronx. alex rodriguez finally did did, he launches the ball to deep center. he becomes the seventh guy in history to hit 600 home runs. d.c. united has made a personnel change. a former player will take the reins, replacing the coach on an interim basis. >> [unintelligible] it
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tomorrow will not feel pretty. we are under a heat advisory. look at those clusters of thunderstorms in ohio heading into west virginia. there is a watch until 4:00 in
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the morning. >> the good news is there will be a weekend. thanks a lot. have a great night. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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